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All about me

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All about me

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Hello and welcome.

My name is Saffie and I am a rescue Beagle. I didn't have a very good start in life as I just couldn't seem to settle anywhere and in January 2008, I once again found myself in a rescue centre (Cheshire Dogs Home).

Within a couple of hours of arriving I caught sight of someone going to look at a puppy further along in the kennel block. There and then I hatched a plan to put on my saddest, cutest face ready for him going back past - and it worked.

He spotted me and went straight in to ask the staff about me. Minutes later the staff came to get me to see what the man thought, now was the time for me to use all my cuteness to get me a new home. The rescue centre didn't have much information about me but told him they thought I was a year old ( must have been my puppy nature that made them think that as I was really two but decided to keep quiet ) and my name was "Sapper" which he thought made me sound like an army dog. The man was undeterred and decided to take me home.

Yippee!!! I really didn't like all the barking that the other dogs were doing.

Over the next few weeks I worked really hard demonstrating my talent for chewing absolutely everything, no matter how tough it was. I particularly liked something called 'Mega-Bloks' and managed to re-shape lots of them.

My second favourite activity was eating the mans shoes but he didn't seem to enjoy it as much as me and would really tell me off. I forget how many shoes I ate but I know it was more than the toes on my two front paws (is that a lot?).

My supply of shoes seemed to dry up and as I was bored one day I turned my attention to the dining room carpet, it didn't taste as nice as the shoes but it was much easier to shred and it didn't take long before the warm and inviting dining room was but a distant memory.

oop's, that didn't go down too well, the man was really annoyed. He sat me down and told me that they had never before given up on a naughty doggie but I was getting close to having to look for a new home. This got me worried as I really like it here and get lots of big walks, plenty of food and big snuggly beds all over the house.

It didn't take me long to realise that I wanted to stay so I resolved to mend my ways and I haven't touched a Mega-Blok, shoe or carpet since.

On these pages you will see photo's we have taken on some of our adventures. There are pictures of some of my playmates and scenery that we have seen but mostly, it is pictures of me. After all, I'm really cute so why would you want to look at anyone else.

Don't forget to check back to see new photo's as they are added.

Hugs & licks,

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